“I can’t thank you enough for all the effort and time you’ve put in for me the past year. You have helped me so much and have put me in a much better place than I have ever felt before.”

– 18 year old

“Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment to our daughter this year. I think it’s been incredibly valuable to have had your knowledge, experience and support, and it has helped us all look ahead to the future more positively. I am very, very grateful for your support and reassurance, and I am sure that one day our daughter will look back and say the same.”

- father of 7 year old

“Thank you for your support in helping my nephew with his problems. During this year, myself, his brother and his mentor all noticed a big difference in his mood and his behaviour. Last week we received his academic and behavioural report, and several teachers commented that he was ‘a pleasure to teach’ and marked his behaviour as excellent. This is a massive improvement over last term, and clearly shows that your work was beneficial.”

- Aunt and carer of 13 year old

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and time, it really has made an impact in my life to have someone to talk to who understands things properly and helps work them out with me.”

– 23 year old student

“Thank you. Without you I don’t think my daughter would have got as far as she has – you made it easy for her to consolidate the changes she so badly needed to make.”

– mother of 16 year old

“I have learnt so much from you – your encouragement and guidance was one of the things that helped me secure my new job. Learning about the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy has been a real pleasure, thank you.”

– psychology trainee in supervision

Personal details are limited to respect client confidentiality.

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