Services for Schools

in the public and private sectors

At The Anchor Practice we offer a variety of clinical, consultative and policy development services to schools in the public and private sectors -across primary, secondary and specialist provisions. Our clinicians can provide in-house mental health services for pupils or can offer individual consultations as required.

Recent policy developments at a national level have resulted in a more significant expectation that schools provide in house resources to support and maintain good child mental health and promote the emotional development and resilience of their pupils. At The Anchor Practice, our clinicians have assisted many schools in finding a package of support which suits the individual needs of their institution in a clinically effective and cost effective manner.

Mental Health Support for Schools

The Anchor Practice can provide a wide range of services including:

Direct clinical work

Clinicians can be allocated to schools for between one to three days, during which time they can see individual children, assist in thinking around complex students, and support staff thinking about students.

Consultative services to Senior Leadership Teams

Our clinicians are experienced in helping school leadership think about planning whole school approaches to mental health and emotional well-being, consulting regarding the mental health aspects of complex safeguarding issues and providing back up and support for staff across a wide range of issues

Work discussion groups for staff

Anchor practice clinicians can facilitate group sessions to support staff at all levels of an organisation in thinking about and developing their roles within the school. Work discussion is a cost-effective way of supporting those members of staff who have the most contact with a school’s most complex students.

Education and training

We can provide bespoke training for staff on child and adolescent mental health over a range of topics.

Parent Support and Coffee Mornings

We also offer informal, termly or ad hoc coffee mornings for parents, where brief presentations on various aspects of child mental health are given, followed by a Q&A session for parents. Previous topics have included Adolescent Depression, Social Media and Mental Health and Transition to Secondary School

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