Terms and Conditions

This document provides important information about the services you will receive including our approach to treatment, our business practices, fees, and other information relating to confidentiality. Please take a few moments to read through these. If you have any questions please do let us know.

About Us

The Anchor Practice is a company (11896492) limited by public guarantee .

The Anchor Practice is a group practice comprising of self-employed, highly trained child, adolescent and adult mental health clinicians, working together as a multi-disciplinary team. We offer a range of psychotherapeutic and psychological services for children, young people, families and adults. All clinicians are members of professional accrediting bodies, and are obliged to keep their skills up to date by completing a Continuing Professional Development statement as part of their yearly registration process.

The Anchor Practice refers enquiries and clients to clinicians based on clinical suitability and availability. The practice shares client contact information with clinicians listed on our website in order to facilitate treatment. Clinicians retain sole clinical responsibility for the clients that they see, except in the case of those qualified clinicians whose mandatory supervision is provided by senior clinicians within the practice – in such cases clinical responsibility is shared between clinician and supervisor. 

Appointments and Fees

Professional Fees

Fees vary between clinicians dependent on training and level of experience, as well as the nature of the work that may be indicated. Fees will be discussed with you prior to booking a session, and are payable on receipt of invoice following the session.

In addition to scheduled appointments, clinicians reserve the right to charge their standard fees on a pro rata basis for other professional services that patients may require such as report writing, telephone conversations that last longer than 15 minutes, attendance at meetings or consultations which have been requested, or the time required to perform any other service which patient may request of their clinician.

All clinical fees should be settled within 14 days of the date of your invoice or statement. The Anchor Practice reserves the right to charge an administration fee of 10% of the invoice or statement amount that remains outstanding after this time to cover the administrative costs associated with processing late payments.

Missed / Late Cancelled Appointments

The Practice operates a 7 day cancellation policy on all clinical appointments. Providing 7 days notice to cancel an appointment helps us to keep your session costs down, maximises our availability to clients and minimises lost clinical time. Appointments missed or rescheduled without 7 days notice will incur the full fee which you must pay prior to your next scheduled appointment. It is important to note that Third Party funders i.e. private health insurers do not pay late cancellation or missed appointment fees. These are your responsibility even if your treatment is normally funded by a Third Party.

If you are late for an appointment your session may be less than 50 minutes in duration. Please note you will need to pay the full amount in these circumstances.

If you provide us with a contact number or email address you can opt into our reminder system, in which a reminder message will be sent before your appointment. This is a courtesy reminder only but may ask you to confirm attendance. If for any reason you did not receive a reminder message and missed your appointment you will still need to pay the late missed appointment fee. If ever in doubt please feel free to telephone to confirm an appointment.

Private Health Insurers

Third-Party (Insurer) Funded Treatment at The Anchor Practice

Many clinicians within the practice are registered as individual providers for major health insurers, and in most cases are able to offer treatment funded by these insurers where appropriate. The following document is designed to provide information to patients about practice policies for working with health insurers.

  1. There is substantial variation in terms of which clinicians are registered with which insurers. As such, patients must advise practice administrative staff and clinicians at the earliest point possible if they intend to fund treatment through health insurance, in order to avoid disappointment. Patients will remain responsible for the payment of fees if they book sessions under the assumption that a clinician is registered with a specific insurer, without first checking with practice administration.
  2. The practice operates a strict Self-Fund/Claim-Back policy when working with insurers. This means that patients will remain responsible for all fees incurred over the course of their treatment. The practice will gladly offer receipts for payments made, which can the be forwarded to insurers for reimbursement. This can be done on a weekly (sessional) or monthly basis, at the therapist’s discretion.
  3. As such, the practice will not directly bill any insurer, and all invoices will be sent to the patient for payment according to the terms stated on the invoice. If your insurer is unable to proceed on this basis then unfortunately we will be unable to offer treatment funded by insurance.
  4. Different cancellation policies apply for different kinds of appointment within the practice, and can differ between clinicians. Typically, the cancellation period for initial appointments is shorter than that for ongoing treatment sessions. Insurers typically do not pay for sessions that are not attended, however in such cases the practice cancellation fee may still apply. As such, patients will be responsible for the payment of fees incurred due to missed sessions, in accordance with cancellation policies as outlined by their clinician.
  5. Many insurers have fixed their clinical fees according to a model based on the costs associated with being an individual clinician (sole trader), and in most cases these fees have remained fixed for many years and are non-negotiable. The costs of working in a consortium-based group practice, with access to a wide rang of highly trained professionals working as a multi-disciplinary team are considerably higher than those incurred as a lone clinician. As such, when treatment is funded by some insurers, The Anchor Practice may see fit to charge an administrative fee in parallel to any clinical sessions offered as a treatment package, to cover the aforementioned associated administrative cost. This will be noted and discussed at the point of referral. This fee will remain payable directly by the patient, and will not be liable for reclaim from the patients insurer. In such cases patients will chose if they wish to proceed with treatment at the practice, funded by their health insurer.

Consultation, Assessment and Treatment

Your clinician will offer an initial consultation to get a sense of the difficulties that have led you to seek psychological or psychotherapeutic help. It is our usual practice to then offer an assessment over 2-3 sessions to explore in detail your concerns, as well as to think together about what form of treatment might be most helpful for you. Following this, a treatment plan can be outlined, and further work offered as indicated. Please note that different clinicians are trained in different treatment approaches, and as such have different contracts of working. Whilst the cancellation policy outlines above applies to Initial Consultations and Assessment sessions, cancellation terms will differ if and when you enter treatment. This will be discussed with you by your clinician, and made clear in writing before commencement of treatment.

Confidentiality, Privacy and Record Management

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your treatment with us is confidential and private. This means we will not disclose the information you provide to us to Third Parties unless you consent for us to do so. It is important to note that there are limits to confidentiality in exceptional circumstances including when there is a risk to you or others, or if we are responding to a legal instruction or other court order. Your clinician will discuss this with you during your first appointment and answer any questions you might have. 

We do discuss cases within The Anchor Practice team in order to carefully hold and think about clinical work and do the best for our clients. Please ask if you would like to see a breakdown of the current government guidance with regard to safe guarding and confidentiality.

All governing bodies require clinicians to take notes of sessions and to have regular supervision.  These notes are not shared with anyone other than supervisors, except in the exceptionally rare circumstance that they would be required by the courts of law. 


The Anchor Practice is governed by the laws of the UK and Scotland and is therefore registered with the Information Commissioners Office.  Our data protection registration number is A8456790. 

Health Record Management

We will create and keep health records for you which will record all relevant information relating to the treatment provided to you. We may also collect and store health information about you from Third Parties such as your doctor or general practitioner. Your health records are managed and protected in accordance with all applicable local laws. Health records are legally required to be stored for a number of years following the conclusion of your treatment with us. We use industry standard, highly secure practice management software for the purposes of storing your data in order to provide services to you. This software is GDPR compliant, and further details can be found here: 


Our data partner is a data handler (under GDPR terminology) and The Anchor Practice remains the data controller. Our data partner cannot access any data stored without prior written consent from The Anchor Practice.

Nature of Services Provided and Emergencies

Nature of Services

All clinicians are fully qualified and registered with their respective professional bodies. Prior to commencing treatment your clinician will discuss their proposed treatment approach with you and ensure you understand the rationale for the approach, including any identified risks.

Occasionally, clinicians at The Anchor Practice may feel, having assessed a young person, that their care would be most suitably and safely provided by a different kind of service. If this is the case, our clinicians will ensure that you are kept informed of all clinical decision making, and that referrals to appropriate services are facilitated.

Limitation to Services

Treatment is provided via prearranged, scheduled appointments. Clinicians have limited availability for contact outside of scheduled appointments. Clinicians may not have an opportunity to respond between session contact prior to your next appointment so this should not be relied upon for emergency matters. For emergency matters please contact the appropriate agencies using the details below.

Clinicians will only provide services that are within their professional capabilities, competence and role as a private provider. If treatment needs are identified that are outside of this scope your clinician will endeavour to assist you in identifying alternative suitable providers. 


If you have any concerns about the treatment you receive please bring this up with your clinician in the first instance. Your clinician will be happy to discuss any concerns you might have. If you do not feel that your clinician has responded adequately to your concern, or you do not feel comfortable discussing gate issue with them, you can contact the Clinical Director directly:


The Clinical Director will assess and respond to your concerns in writing. If you remain concerned about the level of care you have received you may direct your complaint to a clinician’s governing body, the contact details for which are listed below:

Association of Child Psychotherapists
7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR
Tel: 020 7922 7751
e: admin@childpsychotherapy.org.uk 

British Psychological Society
The British Psychological Society
St Andrews House
48 Princess Road East
Leicester LE1 7DR


Association of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice
7 Executive Suite
St James Business Centre
Wilderspool Causeway
Cheshire, WA4 6PS

Emergency Contacts

We are not an emergency service. We are not able to respond to urgent or emergency matters and our communication channels (Phone, SMS, Email) are not monitored outside of standard business hours. 

For urgent concerns relating to your health or other emergencies please contact the appropriate emergency services:

Police, Fire, Ambulance (Emergency): 999 in an emergency, 111 for non-emergency advice

Mental Health Services (Intake): Mental Health Assessment Service (MHAS an emergency mental health assessment service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 0131 537 6000)

Mental Health Charities: Breathing Space (0800 83 85 87), the Samaritans ( 08457 90 90 90, 24 hours), Edinburgh Crisis Centre (0808 801 0414), or SANELine (0300 304 7000, 6pm-11pm)