For Students and Young Adults

Students and young adults psychotherapy

Leaving school or starting university can be an exciting and challenging time but can also present specific problems for those with pre-existing mental health difficulties, or those experiencing emotional or interpersonal difficulties for the first time. We are experienced in treating conditions that can emerge or persist through this crucial time of change and development.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is helpful for a variety of conditions including:

The Anchor Practice offers both time-limited and open-ended psychoanalytic psychotherapy to students and young adults in connection with a wide variety of difficulties and concerns

“ I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and time, it really has made an impact in my life to have someone to talk to who understands things properly and helps work them out with me.”

– 23 year old student

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy provides a space in which a problem can be thoroughly examined and understood. The regularity of the sessions and setting, and the clinical expertise of the therapist allows for a problem to be thoroughly understood and responded to. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is particularly helpful when other, briefer interventions have been tried, but have been met with limited success. The approach that we offer at The Anchor Practice seeks to understand causes, not just treat symptoms. Rather than try to simply modify symptoms or behaviours at a surface level, we work at depth to reach new understandings and gain insight into troubling feelings, and to effect real and lasting change. This is reflected in the length and depth of our training, and the typical lengths of treatment we offer.

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