Our Fees

Fees for clinical services are set individually by each clinician within the practice, based on level of experience and training. All of our clinicians are highly trained mental health professionals, who hold doctoral level clinical qualifications or equivalent, and have, on average, 10 years of experience working within NHS and/or CAMHS services before working in private practice.

The fee scales below are representative, and should be checked with your clinician prior to booking an appointment. Fees are per session.

Initial telephone consultation (10 mins approx): £ Free of charge
Child Psychotherapy fees: £110 - £130 per session
Clinical Psychology fees: £110 - £130 per session
Counselling Psychology fees: £110 - £130 per session
Family and Systemic Psychotherapy fees: £125 per session

Please note sessional fees for Clinical Director or Principal Clinicians may be higher – please call for details.

What To Expect

All enquiries to the practice will be invited to book a free initial (10 minute) telephone consultation at a time convenient to them. This call is with a senior member of the clinical team (not an administrator) and offers a chance for you to discuss the reason for your enquiry and to think together about whether proceeding to an initial appointment may be indicated.

The practice offers both time-limited and open-ended psychotherapy treatments. In some cases, individuals or families find that after an initial assessment stage (usually 2-3 sessions) they have enough understanding of the difficulties that brought them to the practice to feel they do not require any more input. Otherwise, following this assessment stage, a treatment plan will be discussed and agreed between the therapist and individual or their family, which will detail both the treatment type and anticipated number of sessions. Broadly speaking, a typical psychotherapeutic intervention lasts between 16 and 28 sessions for adults and 20 – 30 sessions for children, and this figure concurs with the evidence base for the efficacy of a variety of psychotherapies. Some clinicians offer a range of treatments of varying lengths, with some shorter models of treatment also being offered. Many people also chose to remain in therapy following the reduction of symptoms as they feel it continues to be a helpful source of support and offers tools for development and growth.

We understand that for some families and individuals, committing to psychotherapy sessions can bring some financial questions and anxieties. We would always invite any concerns or questions about payment to be shared with your clinician at any stage of your contact with us at The Anchor Practice.

We offer a limited number of reduced fee and pro bono psychotherapy sessions. Each clinician offers a portion of their clinical time at a reduced rate, to improve access to our services. These places are  strictly limited – if you would like to discuss reduced fee psychotherapy please contact us low-fee@theanchorpractice.co.uk.